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Surviving Information Overload

Tips and tools to survive information overload

Five Ways to Reduce Stress in Your Life.
1. Your Actions

2. Physical
3. Mental/Emotional

4. Lifestyle
5. Spriritual

Here are a few tips in the area of Stress, Burnout and Balancing Life.

Rule #1 - Accept your reality.

In other words, what you are experiencing in your current phase of life...just accept it. Don't fight it, don't deny it...ACCEPT IT!
Once you accept your current reality, now focus in the the CORE of what your reality is all about.

To get to your core...dig deep. Think about those key roles in your life right now and write down a few main

Example...Policing. What is the core reality for a police officer?
They deal with individual and community problems...Problems.

In other words, they are problem solvers...Problem Solvers.

In essense, everything a police officer does is based around dealing with problems (other peoples problems). And the core of their job is SOLVING problems. When your job is all about "other people's" problems, you got to know there is a degree of stress that is inherent with that job. That leads us into Rule#2...Recognize and identify the stressors. of your life.

Rule#2 - Recognize and Identify the Stressors

We are hard wired for survival...we are not hard wired to handle the thousand of little stressors that hit us everyday. It is these little stressors that cause us the grief

I want you to visualize you have a full glass of water. Imagine dozens of people come up to your glass and add a little bit more water into your full glass. What happens? Your glass overflows and the water spills out.

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