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dotred.gif (326 bytes) October 30, 2002, 1400-1600 hrs, Richmond Cultural Centre (across street from detachment)
Room# Lecture Hall 
Topic:  Detailed examination and how to operationalize (execute) the final three of the core competencies on the exam.

Client-Centred Service, Interpersonal Skills and Thinking Skills.

A very special thanks to Sgt. Dave Olson for Surrey Detachment for his support on assisting facilitating these sessions!

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NOTE: All past and future study material to be posted online. Advanced and additional study tips will also be posted online as time permits. You will already note many additional tips and directions already posted. It is strongly suggested that interested persons stay current by reviewing website for updates and details. Everyone emails via ROSS will soon diminish and it will be your responsibility to utilize the web for info/updates.

Background Information

Richmond Detachment is hosting a series of sequential study sessions to assist in understanding of the PRP and JSE Exam process. 

We will have a study session every 2 to 3 weeks starting September, until late January 2003. They will be hosted by the writer and numerous special guests. Break out sessions and further work groups will form as requested.

These study sessions will focus on the fundamentals of leadership, management, CAPRA, (MVV) mission-vision-values and our core competencies. 

You will learn in detail about leadership, the change process and our core competencies. How to operationalize them within your day-to-day duties and highlight them within an exam or PRP process.

There is no quick fix or a short cut to getting promoted. Leadership is a journey, all these study sessions can do is point you in the right direction on expectations. In other words, the RCMP has expectations from it's leaders. You will learn from current RCMP leaders about Force's expectations. You will hear me talk a lot about "Managing Expectations". This is just one of a host of topics that we will flush out in due course.

Think of these study sessions as a "road map". This "map" will point you in the right direction. It is your responsibility to take that "map" and explore it further. It also means "walking the talk" through PRP examples and recognizing the "right" thing within the exam process.

This initiative is not only for Richmond Detachment members. Feel free to pass this onto anyone within the LMD that can make a session. Even if you do not have promotable service yet, why wait? Consider getting a head start by learning about "expectations" now.

You do NOT need to reply. Attendance is on your own time and expense.



Speaking Notes

Leadership Development and Coaching #2  (Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation)


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