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Promotional Study Session #1 - Preparation for the Process - PRP and JSE Exams
Monday, September 23rd, 1400 hrs - 1600 hrs
Location - Richmond City Hall - Council Chambers

Study Session #1 Agenda
1. Introduction and Overview of Macro Process Issues
2. Overview of Core Competencies 

If you are interested in enhancing your leadership abilities, read on!

Richmond Detachment is hosting a series of sequential study sessions to assist in understanding of the PRP and JSE Exam process. 

We will have a study session every 2 to 3 weeks starting September 23rd, until late January 2003. They will be hosted by the writer and numerous special guests. Break out sessions and further work groups will form as requested.

These study sessions will focus on the fundamentals of leadership, management, CAPRA, (MVV) mission-vision-values and our core competencies. 

You will learn in detail about leadership, the change process and our core competencies. How to operationalize them within your day-to-day duties and highlight them within an exam or PRP process.

There is no quick fix or a short cut to getting promoted. Leadership is a journey, all these study sessions can do is point you in the right direction on expectations. In other words, the RCMP has expectations from it's leaders. You will learn from current RCMP leaders about Force's expectations. You will hear me talk a lot about "Managing Expectations". This is just one of a host of topics that we will flush out in due course.

Think of these study sessions as a "road map". This "map" will point you in the right direction. It is your responsibility to take that "map" and explore it further. It also means "walking the talk" through PRP examples and recognizing the "right" thing within the exam process.

This initiative is not only for Richmond Detachment members. Feel free to pass this onto anyone within the LMD that can make a session. Even if you do not have promotable service yet, why wait? Consider getting a head start by learning about "expectations" now.

You do NOT need to reply. Attendance is on your own time and expense.

Study notes, links, articles and material will also be posted on the web in the near future.
I am currently building a basic web site and hope to have it up and running by the end of the month.


Speaking Notes

Study Session #1

Leadership Tips
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dotred.gif (326 bytes) Managing Expectations
dotred.gif (326 bytes) Rules of Change
dotred.gif (326 bytes) Work Smarter, Not Harder

Speaking Notes

Welcome to our first of a number of study sessions.
We are scheduled for 2 hours with a break at the 50-minute mark.

My name is Ward Clapham and welcome.  
I have been hosting study sessions like these for almost ten years now - for all ranks including the OCP and Senior Executive Ranks. 
I have been personally experienced five different promotional processes within the RCMP - all within 10 years.
That's a lot of changes to experience. But you know what?  We better get used to it.
Change is just going to be the way of life.  Not only for an RCMP member, but throughout the world.

We will talk often about the Rules of Change. Once you understand them and live them, the chaos will become clearer. You will be able to sense change before it happens.

Another way to put it…Not only will you have Vision (the ability to see ahead)…. You will have Super Vision. The ability to sense, anticipate, foresee and forecast the future. 

Hey, put the words "super" and "vision" together…what do you get? SUPERVISION. How many leaders have your worked for that looked at their role as we just described?

Ladies and Gentlemen, I can only promise you one thing throughout the rest of your career - Change. Yes, change. And if you are not able to accept and anticipate change, you will be a very frustrated individual.

Don't worry about being "change" overloaded today. We will be coming back to the change philosophy many, many times.

- The first hour will be an overview to help you chart your journey. We will talk about some of my observations and thoughts about preparing for the JSE and PRP. 
Every session you will get a FEW messages that I will ask you to always remember. If nothing else, if you can just remember these FEW messages each study session, you will be well on your way to becoming a dynamic and visionary leader.

- The second hour will begin to flush out the Core Competencies. It will just be an overview. We will study and operationalize each one in detail in a couple of other sessions. These core competencies are crucial to fully understand before we can go any further. Plus, you can start building examples around each of them now.

What is this all about?

- Mentoring and coaching is a big part about being a leader. You will hear me talk a lot about my expectations that you will carry on with the torch and

Quick Hints

Walk the talk now. Build on current situations or build new examples.

You will see PRP examples in the core competencies we will soon be discussing

Take some quality time and chart out your study path now
Developing your learning strategy…

Intro to Core Competencies

Why Know the Core Competencies inside, out and backwards?


A "core competency" refers to an individual's demonstrated knowledge, skills or abilities in areas that are central to successful performance in the RCMP, regardless of rank, responsibility, position or function. The RCMP recognizes that there are certain core competencies required to ensure an individual's success as a regular member, civilian member or public service employee of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. 

As such, the core competency definitions appearing at the top of each page are "generic" in the sense that they apply to all positions, ranks, functions, and levels of responsibility in the organization. The behavioral indicators following each definition serve to reflect differences in the behavioral expression of each core competency, at four different levels of organizational responsibility within the RCMP.
Moreover, it is recognized that the expression of the RCMP CORE COMPETENCIES evolves as one takes on greater responsibility within the organization. This development occurs because behaviors required for effective performance change with the demands being placed on the individual. Behaviors associated with the competency at one level are generally developed or acquired before those at the next level.
It is important to note that the behavioral expressions of a competency developed at previous levels are present at successive levels. These earlier behaviors serve as "pre-requisites" or building blocks for the next level. Thus, as you read down the page (moving to successively higher levels of organizational responsibility), earlier expressions are subsumed within the broader expression of the competency. This development is crucial for one to succeed in handling the challenges of a higher level of organizational responsibility.



Attracts and mobilizes energies and talents to work toward shared objectives that are in the best interests of the organization, the people comprising it, and the people it serves. 
Encourages partnerships. Inspires others, by example, to perform to the highest standards in accordance with the RCMP mission, vision, values and commitments. 
Sets, and/or involves others in setting, goals that are challenging, realistic and measurable. 
Actively participates with and/or empowers other individuals and teams to accomplish goals and objectives. Assesses and manages risk. 
Makes, and/or inspires others to make, innovative and responsible decisions. 
Accepts responsibility for outcomes and is accountable. 
Promotes the ongoing review of policies and practices to ensure continued consistency with the RCMP mission, vision, values and commitments. 
Establishes and maintains relationships and atmospheres of trust and respect. 
Recognizes contributions and successes. 
Proactively seeks to improve the work environment and the quality of service delivery.

PRP Example: Work with volunteers from a community policing station or community policing initiative. Find them with meaningful work and work with them…surveys, community newsletter, community impact statements, etc.

PRP Example: Richmond Detachment Social Club. The Detachment Social Club is no longer active and as such many healthy workplace programs are lacking. This is an excellent opportunity for someone to demonstrate Leadership/ Planning and Organizing.

PRP Example: Richmond Detachment - Web Site. If a Member were to champion this potential asset they could demonstrate Leadership and Communication skills.


Analyses, plans, implements, evaluates and adjusts goals, objectives and/or courses of action to meet needs in a changing environment. 
Practices responsible risk management. 
Sets priorities, makes decisions and takes necessary courses of action, based on multiple demands and available human, financial and material resources. 
Evaluates processes and outcomes to ensure continuous improvement in service delivery.

PRP Example: Prepare an operational plan as a result of a POP (problem orientated policing) initiative. Involve other community safety partners and build an integrated service team approach. In other words, lay out, outline in detail, your problem orientated policing strategy on paper from beginning to end.

PRP Example: Emergency Preparedness Recent events have shown that we as a Detachment are not as prepared as we could be to respond to a major incident. If a forward thinking Member were to champion this issue and take ownership of same he/she would have a cornucopia of PRP examples to draw from could PRP time. i.e.- Aircraft Crash contingencies. 

PRP Example: Richmond Detachment - Special Event Coordinator. We are constantly being called upon by the City to attend formal functions. If one member were to champion, we could provide a more profession front to the City. This Member would be the contact person for such requests and would be tasked with coordinating it.


Adjusts behavior to the demands of the work environment in order to remain productive through periods of transition, ambiguity, uncertainty and stress. 
Persistently strives for excellence even in difficult situations. 
Adapts behavior to changing circumstances in order to reach a goal or to address diverse and changing client/community needs. 
Demonstrates perseverance and a willingness to perform beyond the normal range of job expectations and requirements, when necessary. 
Takes initiative and enthusiastically strives to do an outstanding job.

PRP Example: Working in partnership with our diverse clients and communities in an area of mutual concern. Finding those unique cultural-community problems and working outside of your comfort zone.


Continuously identifies areas that need improvement in terms of self and organizational development in order to enhance service delivery and accomplish personal and organizational goals. 
Develops and maintains awareness of internal and external trends, programs and issues as they relate to service delivery and personal and organizational goals. 
Addresses learning requirements by: independently keeping abreast of research and new directions, reading, seeking appropriate experiences, training, course work, community involvement, and other means. 
Shares information and techniques and applies them to daily work.

PRP Example: Richmond Detachment- Constable Committee. This is a worthy program that is currently of hold. If a member were to champion this initiative they would have an excellent PRP example.


Presents issues and information, orally and in writing, in a clear and credible manner. 
Tailors communication to intended audience and uses appropriate tools and strategies to convey information. 
Listens to, understands and values other perspectives and modifies approach to ensure understanding and/or achieve results.
Responds to and uses appropriate non-verbal communication. 
Exercises open, honest and bilateral communication and projects a professional image.
PRP Example: Community Safety Cards - This initiative will provide all involved parties with the opportunity to demonstrate; Planning and organization, communication and leadership.

PRP Example: Richmond Detachment Newsletter - This is a project that I feel could facilitate better internal communications. 


Interacts sensitively and respectfully with all individuals and groups to develop mutual understanding and productive relationships to enhance quality service delivery. 
Demonstrates compassion. 
Coaches, mentors and works effectively in teams and in partnerships. 
Identifies and resolves issues through consultation, negotiation and consensus building and/or other appropriate processes.

PRP Example: PRP Example: Morning Training Sessions - This is an excellent opportunity for someone to demonstrate Leadership/ Communication Skills


Works with others to identify needs and conceptualize issues in diverse, dynamic or complex circumstances, giving consideration to client/community, organization, and employee interests. 
Acquires and analyses appropriate information and considers alternative strategies to achieve objectives. 
Assesses risk, develops innovative solutions, and evaluates potential outcomes of various actions before making decisions.
Establishes priorities, makes decisions and takes actions that are consistent with the RCMP Mission, Vision, Values and commitments. 
Assesses outcomes in consultation with client/community. 
Applies sound, ethical reasoning in all situations.

PRP Example: Richmond Detachment - Volunteer Resources Bank. We need to capture a list of skills possessed by our Detachment Volunteer staff. If a member were to champion this cause we could have a list a skills that we as a detachment could draw upon. I.e. - Engineering, Clerical, linguistic, publishing etc.


Identifies clients and their needs. 
Establishes and maintains partnerships. 
Provides clients with opportunities for active participation and consultation on decisions that are relevant to their needs and concerns, while balancing competing interests. 
Accepts responsibility for quality service delivery. 
Seeks innovative approaches for improvement based on client feedback. 
Responds to client/community needs in a manner consistent with the RCMP Mission, Vision, Values and Commitments, RCMP Service Standards, and the philosophy of community policing

PRP Example:  Richmond Detachment- Hotel Liaison. Recently the community of Richmond has enjoyed the addition of several high end Hotels to our business community. As a detachment we have done nothing to date to address their needs. This is an excellent opportunity for a member to set up a Hotel Liaison protocol and to demonstrate leadership in doing so.

For More Details on Core Competencies - Click Here


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