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ATTENTION all Police Leaders

I retired from the RCMP in April 2008, and I was the Chief Officer for Transit Police of Metro Vancouver B.C. (South Coast British Columbia Transportation Authority Police Service) - Canada's only mass transit police service until Sept 2010. I am still heavily involved in police leadership.
Contact Ward Clapham: ward@wardclapham.com

Chief Officer Leadership Developmental Leadership Sessions - 2009/2010

C.O.L.D. (Chief Officer Leadership Development) Sessions -
monthly leadership sessions starting September 29, 2009 for all police leaders (front line, middle management and executive) being held at New Westminster BC. Online notes and videos will be posted afterwards.

Hear Ward's overview about the leadership sessions...

Next Study Session #4 - January 11/2010 0800hrs @ 713 Columbia Street, 7th floor - Westminster Club

Topic - The LeaderSHIP Roadmap
Ward Clapham will be hosting, and facilitating a 4 hour leadership development workshop based on the leadership principles of Captain Mike Abrashoff and his best selling book “It’s Your Ship”. The workshop is titled “The LeaderSHIP Roadmap” and is based on the compelling story of the US Benfold. This leadership development workshop distills Captain Mike Abrashoff’s experience into basic principles that led to the Benfold’s dramatic turnaround from the worst to first best ship in the Pacific Fleet. This workshop will introduce the 5 Steps of the Leadership Roadmap; integrate principles of leadership introduced in the book “Its Your Ship”; and provide tools, tips, tactics, strategies and resource for you to take back to your team. hose of us in a para-military and, or command and control reality, will particularly enjoy this developmental leadership session. As you will learn from Captain Abrashoff’s experience a process to develop trust, enable ownership and achieve success regardless of your unique operating environment.

Next Study Session #3 - December 14/09 1400 hrs @ 713 Columbia Street, 7th floor - Westminster Club

Topic - Paradigm Shifts - 2 hr session based on the teachings of Joel Barker.
Organizations need to innovate and change in order to survive. So why are so many people afraid of it? How do you help people open themselves up to change? Joel Barker's best selling training program, The New Business of Paradigms, explains how the rules we live by can limit our ability to innovate and be creative. In example after example, Joel demonstrates how thinking differently is necessary for us to grow as organizations and as individuals.

What you missed from Study Session #1- Boss Talk

September 29, 2009 presentation on Boss Talk.

This 2 hour presentation was an overview of the book Boss Talk written by Terry Barker. Mr. Barker's book is by far one of the best introduction to leadership books ever written.

Click Here for an overview of the presentation.

What you missed from Study Session #2 - Transit Police Rules

October 19th's, 2009 presentation will be on "Police Rules" (Leadership rules for police officers and police leaders).
Click Here for an overview of the presentation

Leadership tips for current RCMP members...

You may find this information useful to assist in your career development.
Although the dates of these study sessions are a few years ago, the information is based on timeless leadership principles.

RCMP Developmental Leadership Sessions - 2005/06

All Ranks Study Sessions
Richmond Detachment will be hosting three (3) NCO Developmental Leadership Study Sessions, December 15, 2005 and January 05 & 26, 2006 at Richmond City Hall (Council Chambers)
Dont miss these sessions!

Police Leadership 2006 Conference - April 10 - 12, 2006
Westin Bayshore, Vancouver, B.C.

SPEAKER LIST (confirmed to date)

Stephen Covey, Author, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, 8th Habit
Lieutenant-General Romeo Dallaire, O.C., C.M.M., M.S.C., C.D. (Retired), Author, Shake Hands With The Devil
Richard Boyatzis, Author, Primal Leadership,Professor
Eddie Compass, Former Chief, New Orleans Police Department
John King, Assistant Chief of Police, Montgomery County Department of Police
Rick Dinse, Chief of Police, Salt Lake City Police Department
John Furlong, CEO, VANOC
Mark Andrew, General Manager, Westin Bayshore


RCMP Developmental Leadership Sessions - 2004/05

All Ranks Study Session - January 17, 2005
1030 hrs - 1430 hrs @ Victoria BC
(same content as Dec 15 - Vancouver session)

Contact Cpl. Tom Clark (E Div. Aux Coordinator) for details

RCMP Developmental Leadership Sessions - 2004/05

All Ranks Study Session - December 15, 2004
1330 hrs - 1630 hrs @ Richmond Detachment

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2005/06 Officer Candidate Developmental Process (OCDP)
There is no OCDP Promotional Cycle for 2004/05. In preparation for the anticipated 2005/06 cycle, it is highly recommended to review and attend the 2004/05 All Ranks Developmental Leadership Sessions, plus review the 2003/04 ODCP Developmental Leadership Sessions, past ODCP Developmental Leadership Sessions (2002/2003) and website content on this site relating to leadership. More>

There are over 40 detailed Study Sessions on this site relating to NCO and Officer leadership preparation and development. You can find these study sessions by going to 2003 - 2004 NCO, 2003 - 2004 OCDP or Past Study Sessions

Leadership material for RCMP employees. More>

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Community Policing 2 (CP2)

The future of policing is rapidly changing...

Intelligence Led - Targeted Community Policing
The next evolution of policing is upon us...Community Policing 2

The Survival of Community Policing Post 911 - Is the future of community policing in Canada at risk in the wake of recent international terrorist attacks, and increasing violent crimes associated to organized criminal activities?

Translating Your Organizational Vision into Action - Silencing Even the Naysayers.
Translating a community policing 2 philosophy into a police culture...in other words "operationalize" the philosophy of CP2 into everything we do
. More>
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Shooting for Utopia - Servant leadership in action
Ten leadership guiding principles to take your police team to that next level. More >
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Crime Prevention(CP3)

The future of crime prevention is rapidly changing...

The Future of Crime Prevention - The Next Evolution
Community Crime Prevention

The next evolution of Crime Prevention is upon us...Crime Prevention 3 More>

CTV News Video Clip on Positive Tickets

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Coaching and Mentoring Ideas For RCMP Leaders - Coaching and Mentoring is a by-product of great leadership. Here are a number of ideas to operationalize coaching within your circle of influence.

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