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Online Leadership Development for Employees of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police

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Leadership is a Journey

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Every Officer is a Leader - Transforming Leadership in Police, Justice and Public Safety - Terry D. Anderson       

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2002/2003 NCO JSE & Exam Study Session Information


dotred.gif (326 bytes) RCMP Mission & Vision

dotred.gif (326 bytes) RCMP Core Values - Overview Definition

dotred.gif (326 bytes) Accountability
dotred.gif (326 bytes) Defining Accountability [Article]
dotred.gif (326 bytes) Compassion
dotred.gif (326 bytes) Honesty
dotred.gif (326 bytes) Integrity
dotred.gif (326 bytes) Respect
dotred.gif (326 bytes) Professionalism

Core Competencies

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RCMP Core Competencies

RCMP Expectations of Leaders

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Management Responsibilities in the Police Field

Service Standards

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Service Standards of the RCMP

Leadership Tips

Every study session, at least one leadership tip or suggestion will be posted.

Here are a few of the articles for your enjoyment.

dotred.gif (326 bytes) Managing Expectations
dotred.gif (326 bytes) Rules of Change
dotred.gif (326 bytes) Work Smarter, Not Harder
dotred.gif (326 bytes) MBWA (Management by walking around)
dotred.gif (326 bytes)
First of Equals
dotred.gif (326 bytes) STAR Path
dotred.gif (326 bytes)
The Second Mouse Gets the Cheese

Exam Preparation

Exam check list

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NCO Promotion Process Web Sites

***These sites are on the RCMP infoweb***

1. The Promotion Process
Summary: A. THE NCO PROMOTION PROCESS - Introduction - NCO Promotion Process
- Role of the Selection Committee - Role of the Career Manager C. REVIEWING THE PRP AND STRUCTURED RÉSUMÉ - Competencies and Job Requirements to Consider - Reviewing the Performance

2. RCMP Core Competencies

3. Service Standards of the RCMP

4.Defining Core Values

5. More detailed narrative on Core Values





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