Reducing Stress

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Finding Life Balance

Life balance is really a myth.
Trying to obtain life balance is just setting yourself up for huge disappointment.

Life balance is not going to happen....accept this!
It is unachievable.
We don’t want or need balance. What we need is a sense of autonomy and control over what we have promised to others and ourselves.

Actually, trying to find Life Balance is a stressor in itself. And who needs the extra stress?

Instead, be aware of your seasons of your life.
Accept these seasons....enjoy them and live them to the fullest!
Life is full of imbalances...I like to call them "temporary imbalances". Recognize them and accept them. This will help you deal with the stress and burnout factors in your life.

Five Ways to Reduce Stress in Your Life.
1. Your Actions
2. Physical
3. Mental/Emotional

4. Lifestyle
5. Spriritual