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The future of policing is rapidly changing...

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Keynote Presentation on Comprehensive Policing

New Reality - New Challenges
Tools For Better Foresight, Innovation, and Strategy

• Our New Challenge – Our New Reality is all around …CHANGE – maybe an overused term – if you want…call it TRANSFORMATION

• With every CHANGE is Opportunity – Opportunity for good and bad – huge opportunities for those that want power, control and profit.

• Tomorrow’s successful Police Leader will have the tools for….
Better Foresight
Better Innovation
Better Strategy

• FUTURE - NEW realities/changes we will face…

Exponential technological advancements will continue – opportunities for criminals and terrorists

Smaller budgets – higher community expectations

Cross jurisdictional – boundaryless policing issues – integrated policing – global policing

Safety vs. Civil liberties – high tech spyware for homeland security and neighborhood protection

Maintaining Public Trust – Civilian oversight issues – bias free policing – misuse of power

From Warrior Cops to Community Builders – the whole notion of community safety - Communities taking charge of their own destinies

Customized public policing – differing from neighborhood to neighborhood

• The new reality is CHANGE

Anticipating – forecasting change

Preparing for change

Developing your staff and community for change

How you handle change

Creating your vision that accepts change

Re=aligning your systems and structures to deal with change

Risking issues within change

New Policing Model – New Leadership Model that Embraces Change…

• A new model I have been putting into play for the last 5years

• I call this model – this new approach - COMPREHENSIVE Policing

• This term – Comprehensive Policing has been thrown around before – but I think its time has come. The Community Policing was misunderstood and misapplied by some (and is a bad word with some police agencies).

• Comprehensive Policing incorporates
Intelligence Led Policing
Integrated Policing
Community Policing
Problem Orientated Police
Crime Reduction Policing
Homeland Security

• WHY – why a new model? It is an evolution

• The only guarantee for the rest of our career in policing is change. The world is designed to change and will continue to change.

• Back to zero rule applies – and we must pay attention!

• How we accept change, champion change and lead change is the difference between GOOD Leaders and GREAT Leaders.

• GREAT Police leaders will not only be change agents, adapting with the challenges

They will be continuity agents.

• Continuity - holding steady to the course during times of crisis and turbulence.

• We all know there are times where we must be courageous and stay firm on principles – regardless of some “white water”

• Our new reality is not ONLY about REACTING and RESPONDING to Change – but ANTICIPATING, FORECASTING, IDENTIFYING and PREPARING for the New Challenges – and “action” in a PRO nature– PROACTIVE – Intentional action to keep ourselves, our people and our communities at the Cutting Edge.

• In a world of New Realities for Police and Public Safety, we need a new model that combines a number of principles and approaches to deal with today’s complex business of policing.

• And it is a business – whether we like it or not.

• And you will hear me reference and link to other businesses outside our “niche market” because we can learn from them on current challenges and what’s next!

• I don’t have time to go over all the details of the COMPREHENSIVE Police model, but I will connect the dots whenever possible.

• I will share with you SPECIFIC ACTION you can take within the COMPREHENSIVE Policing Model that will prepare yourself, your staff and you community for the exciting future ahead.

• There is a shift happening within society – a movement towards Community Safety

– integrated approach to deal with community social issues, problems and crime.

- Shifts in Community Justice, Community Health, Community Education, Community Safety

- it is – beyond just law enforcement – it is problem and crime prevention and reduction

Addressing problem/crime issues through a multi – comprehensive approaches bringing together the principles of advanced policing and transformational leadership into a COMPREHENSIVE philosophy. A package grounded on principles. Principles that ensure public trust, accountability, yet allow for innovative problem solving and enforcement approaches in an integrated – interdependent manner.

• And Why a new Model?

Just Look at Some of the New Challenges Police Leaders Are Facing Right Now…(this is not the FUTURE – this is NOW!)

Constitution and Charter Challenges on the use of Polygraphs for employee hiring

Drug Testing

Police Board Governance and Civilian Oversight

Bias Free Policing (Equal Playing Field) instead of Racial Profiling

Gen Y (Why?)– Wellness – Parental Leave – They are JUST different to lead that us old dogs

Intelligence Led policing – But where is the horsepower for the Enforcement team component

Asset Building – 40 Developmental Assets - the whole notion of intentionally working with Youth in a Positive environment.

Wireless – paperless records management environment
(5 years BC Prime pilot project)

And the whole paradigm shift to Community – and the move to Community Safety / Wellness …

Where I would suggest that some police chiefs and departments did not fully understand Community Policing was a philosophy (instead implemented it as a program) and threw out the notion of Community Policing when it was really just an evolution (example - storefronts and pamphlets – empowerment with no accountability)

I suggest more than ever, our Communities are looking for a COMPREHENSIVE Policing Model that includes enhanced principles of Community Policing and Level 5 Leadership (GREAT Leadership as Jim Collins calls it)

• This is just a brief overview of just a FEW of today’s challenges…but what about the future – We haven’t even scratched the service.

As Wayne Gretzky states – I skate to where the Puck is Going to Be.

• Today’s Police leader needs to anticipate the next challenges build his team now.

• We have to “Skate to Where the Puck is Going to be”

• So what can you do????

• For me – I got into First Things First weekly planning.
Every week I plan and execute on TOP OF MIND issues regarding future challenges and future development>

• I plan them into my week – and I don’t let them fall prey to the crisis issues of the job that are never ending

• This is a MIND SHIFT and PRIORITY SHIFT for Police Leaders – most fall back to their old habits – get beat up in Crisis mode – or feel most comfortable there.

• Thing is…communities do not want this any longer from their leader – yes, we must be good REACTORs – but, they want GREAT PRO actors

• More than ever is there this cry from communities.

• We were trained in a POST INCIDENT CORRECTION – think about it – POST INCIDENT CORRECTION

• Have any of you really been trained in PRE INCIDENT PREVENTION? -

• Our challenge as leaders is balancing the Reactive component of our jobs with the Proactive

Our Communities Deserve this…

They are seeing the world through the lenses of FEAR > which causes uncertainty and anxiety.

As Police leaders, it is our job to bring CLARITY to the Chaos – the noise > Clarity offers Hope. More than ever are we expected to bring HOPE to our Communities

This is Leading By Hope – managing fear

In other words – taking charge

We are leaders at the Edge of Chaos – Chaos does not have to be necessarily bad – it can be a positive if you plan and approach it differently.


• this is about “Swimming Upstream” and you may find some of your peers, politicians and bosses may not “get it”!

• But this is about courage – the essence of leadership

• Step one – Research Joel Barker – The Business of Paradigms – get the book & the video – then I taught this to all my staff with a Police twist (community policing 3)

• Rule Breakers – beginning of paradigm shifts

• Watch business and other disciplines to train yourself

For example – my kid just bought a PSP – it may be “good bye Nintendo. Think of what happened to Kodak during the digital camera revolution. Look at the IPOD and Pod Casting – good bye traditional broadcasting as we know it?

• What does this have to do with Police Work – Public Safety. Well, on a multitude of fronts – we are seeing the birth of a new revolution – we are seeing the “back to zero rule” in play – we are seeing possible technology that our officers could use to help them do their job.

• If nothing else, make watching and finding the rule breakers a top priority for you from this day forward.

In Canada – it may be the decriminalization of marihuana – or full time Integrity Sting Teams - or PARA policing (private policing) taking on more and more of our market share

• Read one article, magazine or book every week MINIMUM. – and not just within our discipline

Wired – Fast Company – Futurist – Business 2.0

• Go to seminars – workshops and courses on Leading Edge leadership / business trends – Look for that EDGE that you can bring back – even just one “nugget” per session – discipline yourself to follow though – execute

• Develop Your Team > Inside – Out Approach…develop your inside first, then the outside service delivery will come

• Continuous learning and development is TOP OF MIND for me – and my staff – daily. I trained 25 facilitators for Covey 7 Habits – continuous change management sessions

• I take half my uniform staff off the street every morning for morning training. Tactical and strategic sessions on all areas

• Daily Accountability Sessions – continuous environmental scan
Triage (crisis and operations) and proactive initiatives

Finding 3rd alternatives – creative solutions – shared ownership of problems and solutions

Removing the barriers and obstacles – ensuring execution

This requires Discipline
With emphasis on Shared Leadership

Shared Ownership


• Comprehensive Policing means your systems, structures and value chain must re-align to meet a new reality, your strategic plan

- Continuous Learning – talent development
- Positive News Releases
- Integrated Target Teams
- Internet/Computer Crime Unit

• We are taking about a New Leadership Model

• A balanced approach between Command and Coordinate and Shared – Transformational leadership

• Where everyone is a Leader – everyone’s input is valued

• Our new reality is not ONLY about REACTING and RESPONDING to Change – but ANTICIPATING, FORECASTING, IDENTIFYING and PREPARING for the New Challenges – and “action” in a PRO nature– PROACTIVE – Intentional action to keep ourselves, our people and our communities at the Cutting Edge.

• Remember, there are such things as PREDICTABLE SURPRISES – in fact, they are…
GUARANTEEABLE SUPRISES – let the problem grow or worsen over time, delay taking action and maintain the status quo.

• Action You Can Take

Enhance your personal and organizational capacity to…

1) Recognize emerging threats

2) Prioritize action

3) Mobilize against surprises

Ward Clapham
Richmond RCMP