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RCMP - Officer Candidate Developmental Process
OCDP 2003 - 2004

Study Sessions

In addition to the 2003/04study sessions linked from this page, there are over 30 additional detailed Study Sessions on this site relating to NCO and Officer leadership preparation and development. You can find these study sessions by going to 2003 - 2004 NCO, Past OCDP 2002, Past OCDP 2003 or Past Study Sessions

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OCP Interview Presentation by C/Supt. Roger Brown More>>
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Here is the Abundance Mentality in action from one of the candidates...

In regard to our discussion about taking questions and notes into interview here is a quote from page 9 of the 2004 Officer Candidate Development Program, Candidate Guide
During the interview candidates may have:
their notes made during the 30 minute review time,
two pens
drinking water, and
the 2004 Candidate Interview Questions"

Here is the info I said I could share with the other candidates, I think it is appropriate and certainly some interesting insights and opinions.
If you search "behavioural interview" on say, Google... you will get an abundance of good sites to read concerning development of questions, answering questions and everything from what to wear and what not to do or say.
Here are some links to various subjects I have found while surfing "behavioural interview", there are tons more to explore and these links have links to other sites as well.

Virtual Interview
Interview Tips
Preparing for interview tips
Interesting viewpoint

Regards and best of luck to everyone

Jim Harrison, Sgt.
NCO i/c Sicamous Detachment

OCDP Structured Interview Board Preparation by Insp. Rod Booth. More>>
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It is suggested that you spend quality time reviewing past OCDP Study Session information from 2002 and 2003 as background preparation.

Check out our free message board for study and sharing of information purposes.
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Developmental Plans (Learning Plan)
It is very important you begin preparing your developmental (or learning plan) now. This will form a very impressive part of your track record document.

Here is the RCMP INTRAnet address to read about Developmental Plans (learning plans). You will need to be in the RCMP INTRAnet to view this. p/edp_e.htm

Click Here for the RCMP Individual Developmental Plan in Adobe Acrobat

( Adobe Acrobat PDF Format)

UPDATE: GMIB Leadership and Supervision Work booksare Sold Out...sorry!