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2003 - 2004 NCO Study Sessions

NCO Real Time Study Sessions are now completed for the 2003/04 cycle.
Please refer to the study sessions on the side menu for details of past sessions.

There are over 40 detailed Study Sessions on this site relating to NCO and Officer leadership preparation and development.

You can find these study sessions by going to 2003 - 2004 NCO, 2003 - 2004 OCDP or Past Study Sessions

Leadership material for RCMP employees. More>>

Check out our free message board for study and sharing of information purposes.
Free sign up and unlimited use. More>

Leadership material for RCMP employees. More>

Check out our free message board for study and sharing of information purposes.
Free sign up and unlimited use. More>

Community Policing 2 (CP2)

The future of policing is rapidly changing...

Intelligence Led - Targeted Community Policing
The next evolution of policing is upon us...Community Policing 2

The Survival of Community Policing Post 911 - Is the future of community policing in Canada at risk in the wake of recent international terrorist attacks, and increasing violent crimes associated to organized criminal activities?

Translating Your Organizational Vision into Action - Silencing Even the Naysayers.
Translating a community policing 2 philosophy into a police other words "operationalize" the philosophy of CP2 into everything we do
. More>
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Shooting for Utopia - Servant leadership in action
Ten leadership guiding principles to take your police team to that next level. More >
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Crime Prevention(CP3)

The future of crime prevention is rapidly changing...

The Future of Crime Prevention - The Next Evolution
Community Crime Prevention

The next evolution of Crime Prevention is upon us...Crime Prevention 3 More>

CTV News Video Clip on Positive Tickets

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Coaching and Mentoring Ideas For RCMP Leaders - Coaching and Mentoring is a by-product of great leadership. Here are a number of ideas to operationalize coaching within your circle of influence.

Coaching and Mentoring>>

Things You Can Do Now>>

Starfish Story>>


Cycle 3 Job Simulation Exercises and Rationales
You must access via the RCMP INTRAnet at...

How to Prepare for the JSE by Cpl.Parm Prihar. Take the time to review this outstanding online presentation by Cpl. Prihar. He starts with the basics and work his way through the mission, vision, values and the core competencies. Cpl. Prihar captures the essence of RCMP shared leaderhip throughout his exciting presentation. More>>
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